7 Famous Kingdoms Of The World You Will Love To Travel

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Hie guys! Hope you are all fine. Let’s go straight to the topic. The Kingdom concept is very old and famous. It is generally a piece of land which is under the Kings rule. Today, I’m going to tell you about the 7 famous kingdoms in the world.

7 Famous Kingdoms In The World


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United Kingdom is an island country located in the northwest coast of main Europe . The United Kingdom consists the whole island of Great Britain which contains England, Wales, Scotland and some north part of Ireland. It’s capital is London, which is the leading city in commercial, financial and cultural centres all over the world. The other famous  cities of United Kingdom are Manchester in England, londonderry etc.

2 Kingdom OF Bhutan

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Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom situated in the Himalayas and an astonishing place for travelers to visit. The Bhutanese are famous for their philosophy of peace along with their Friendly behavior  and credible way of living. Many tourists love to visit this country for its hospitality and behavior culture . we can take care of that for you. Bhutan is a beautiful diamond- explore this pretty country along with the hospitality and love of the Butanese people.

3. Kingdom OF Denmark 

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This kingdom has a very famous history in the world. It is the combination of Norway, Sweden, England and Finland. But today,  Denmark fully owns the world’s biggest  island -Greenland. Tourists love to travel this country because of it’s beautiful snowy landscapes.This is the only place where you can see the phenominal form of  glaciers, snow drifts, ride on a dog sledge, and the  only place where  you can see  the sea giants like whales and many more.

4. Kingdom OF Netherlands 

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The Netherlands is a country in the Northwest  Europe. It is generally famous  for its plain landscape of canals, windmills,  tulip fields, cycling routes etc. The capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam . There are many famous places like Van Gogh Museum and the house where the Famous  Jewish diary writer Anne Frank hid during the 2nd world War . It is also famous arts and creative paintings Canalside mansions. Many tourists and travellers love to visit here and adore the Beautiful places and paintings of great artists.

5. Kingdom OF Cambodia 

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It is also known as the Kingdom of Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia. Colombia has also given a nickname of ” a gateway to South America”. It is the land of extreme nature thevolcanoes are covered by the snow. There are also desert and open grass fields. Colombia has the most diverse and scenic destinations in South America. This country has everything which the  Visitors want. If you are  planning the trip to Colombia you can also visit its famous  cities,  national parks, historic places and many cultural things to enjoy.

6. Kingdom OF Jordan 

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The Kingdom of Jordan is similarly a small country. It has less resources but played an important role in the power struggle of men in middle East. This desert kingdom has arisen due to the post worldWar 1 division by the Britain and France. Petra is one of the most famous and one of the wonders the world. Many tourists and travelers love to visit its famous Rose City.

7. Kingdom OF Saudi Arabia 

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The Saudi Arabian kingdom was discovered in 1932 by lbn Saud. This country is bordered with iraq and Jordan. It is a sovereign Arab state. Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arab. Qatar, Bahrain, Oman to the soitheast, United Arab Emirates to the east, and Yemen to the south.south. There are many places to visit in Saudi Arabia like Reyads, Mecca, Madina, Jeddah etc.

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