Hawaii Islands: 5 Beautiful Islands To Visit

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Hello friends! Hope you are all fine. We all dream to go on adventurous trip outside India with friends and family. Some of us have a dream to go Hawaii Islands to explore its beautiful views and places. So, today I’m going to tell you about 5 best Hawaii Islands you can visit during the trip.

Top 5 Beautiful Hawaii Islands To Visit

1. Hawaii ( The Big Island )


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Hawaai is the largest islands in the US. It is also known with his famous name as The Big Island. It is located in the Central Pacific. Hawaii is famous for its beautiful attractions and scenric view. It’s having the famous Volcanoes National Park, in which two are active volcanoes one is  Kilauea and other in Mauna loa. The Mauna Kea mountain is the highest mountain in the Pacific Basin which Heights at 13,800ft above sea level.

2. Maui ( The Valley Isle )

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It is the 2nd largest Hawaiian Island. Maui is world famous for its beautiful beaches. It is nominated  as the best island in Maui by the U.S people. The east side of Maui has huge rainforests, beaches and amazing waterfalls. One of the most visited islands by the visitors.

3. O’ahu ( The Gathering Place )

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One of the most Famous Hawaiian island. It is also famous because of many films and TV shootings. Oahu is the 3rd largest Hawaiian island. It is the capital state of Honolulu, Pearl Harbor. Waikiki is the world’s famous beach in oahu.

4. Molokai ( The Friendly Isle )

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Molokai is one of the important part of Hawaiian islands and is the  remaining slice of Polynesian authenticity in an island chain and higly influenced by the  tourism and US citizens. It’s  birthplace of the Hula where the maximum population is Hawaiian. The visitors of Molokai enjoy the astonishing natural beauty of high  mountains as well as  down  the beach.

5. Kaua’i ( The Gardeninternet

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At the end of the Hawaiian paradise,  Lives a small rainy island called Kauai. It is also named as the Garden Island, Kauai is home to many wild oxygen-rich air, utter severnity and landscape. It’s generally less-populated than the 3 big islands — Oahu, Hawaii and Maui. There are 66,000 people live on Kauai. It is less populated and we can enjoy the every side of this beautiful island.

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